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About BetOnYourself


BetOnYourself is an online platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain, that allows gamers to play video games for money by betting on themselves to win!

What problems does BetOnYourself solve?

Our main question when creating BetOnYourself was why should we play video games for free if we could play them for money?

What is the difference between BetOnYourself and the competition?

Our way of ushering gaming for money into the mainstream is the automization of the betting process.

After the completed Crowdsale, we will start with the development of the automatized web version of the BetOnYourself platform, which will automatically read and update information about the players, bets and the course of the game. This information will be automatically displayed on the blockchain, which will be linked to a smart contract game. The winner of the game will automatically receive their winnings. In the future it will support all of the most played games, such as DOTA2, League of Legends, Call of Duty and many more.

Is BetOnYourself a gambling service?

No! BetOnYourself is not an eSports gambling service. In a game of skill, the outcome is determined by mental or physical skill, therefore betting on yourself in a skill-based game is not considered gambling. All bets on BetOnYourself are based solely on players´ skills and are not based on chance.

Where is your team based?

The team and the platform itself are based in Ljubljana, Slovenia and was established by Mitja Krašovec and Žiga Dvanajščak.

User Flow

How does BetOnYourself work?

BetOnYourself serves as a tool for players who want to bet on their own gaming skills against anyone, anytime, anywhere! Every player can bet as much money as they want. Every player can choose their opponent. Everything is in the player's hands.

It seems FANTASTIC! How do I sign up?

You can sign up for BetOnYourself by clicking here.

NOTICE! Please make sure that your ERC20 Compatible Wallet Address is correct. Entering the correct Wallet Address is very important since we will send you the iBET Tokens that you earn by playing on ALPHA. You can change your ERC20 Compatible Wallet Address anytime by clicking on 'Edit profile'.

OK. I have registered. How do I play my first game for money?

You have four options; You can create a Challenge and put it on the market, invite someone to a Challenge directly, notify a friend or accept a Challenge from the platform.

  • Create a Challenge

    You can create a Challenge for Fortnite or FIFA 19 by selecting Create Challenge on the index page, setting the size of the pre-bets (500, 1000 or 5000 iBET Tokens) and selecting a region (Europe, Oceania, Brazil, Asia, NA-East, NA-West). By clicking 'Create Challenge', your Challenge becomes visible on the market and awaits a player to accept it and start a match.

  • Invite someone to a Challenge directly

    Users who are present on the platform can be invited to a Challenge directly. On the Play tab (in ALPHA), you can see all players who are currently on the platform in 'Players online'.

  • Notify a friend

    If you want to play a game with a friend or a specific opponent, Create a Challenge

  • Accept a Challenge

    If you receive a Challenge, the decision of accepting or rejecting it lies entirely in your hands. If you want to accept a Challenge, choose to 'Accept Challenge'. For rejecting a Challenge select 'Decline Challenge'. The decision is yours!

FIFA 19 | How to play

  • Add your opponent as a friend on the PlayStation Network using their PSN ID.

  • In FIFA 19, go to the Online tab, then open the 'Online Friendlies' mode.

  • Start a new friendly session and invite your opponent.

  • Check and confirm the rules and settings of the match. The host is responsible for ensuring all settings are correct prior to starting the match. If the settings are found to be incorrect and the host does not end the game, you should acquire proof and subsequently leave the game.

  • Start the match.

Note: Be sure to take pictures/screenshots of the final score in case of a dispute about the match result.

FIFA 19 | Rules

  • Console: PS4

  • Type: Online Friendlies

  • Match Length: 6 Minutes per half

  • Star Level: Any

  • Team Type: Any

  • Squads: Online Only

  • Legacy Defending: Not Allowed

  • Custom Formations: Not Allowed

  • Host: The player that opens the Challenge, is considered the Host

  • Bet: The player with the most goals at the end of the match wins

FORTNITE | How to play

  • Add your opponent as a friend on the PlayStation Network using their PSN ID.

  • The host sets the game mode to 'Duo' on the Fortnite Battle Royale home screen.

  • Once the opponent has joined, the host launches the game and play commences.

  • The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins.

Note: Be sure to take pictures/screenshots of the final score in case of a dispute about the game result.


  • Console: PS4

  • Match Length: Single Game

  • Game Type: Battle Royal 1v1 Duo

  • Host: The Host is considered to be the player that opens the Challenge

  • Bet: The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins

I won! What now?

Congratulations! For winning a Challenge you receive the iBET Tokens of your opponent.

I lost! What now?

Champions train, losers complain! No worries, there are no wins without losses. Keep calm, train harder, and take revenge!

Can I play a rematch immediately after the finished game?

Yes, you can!

The opponent was behaving badly/well during the game. Can I rate his behaviour?

Absolutely! And better still, the entire BetOnYourself community will be grateful for your ratings!

What is the purpose of the behaviour rating?

By giving an opinion on the behaviour of a player, you will contribute to a better user experience. When evaluating the behaviour of players, we ask you for an objective assessment for it to serve its purpose.

I lost the Internet connection while playing. What now?

It is the responsibility of each player to ensure that their connection is suitable for playing online.

If the disconnection happened at half-time while playing FIFA 19, the match should be completed after one half of a new game.

If you lose the connection playing Fortnite, you are considered to have died .

This applies for ALPHA.

After the game ended, the opponent did not admit defeat and reported that he had won the game, despite him losing. What should I do?

In the event of you being the winner while the opponent lied about the game result, you must open a Dispute.

What is a Dispute?

Disputes serve to resolve any issue when one of the adversaries reports an incorrect outcome of a Challenge. Because of this possibility, we advise all players to make sure they take pictures/screenshots of the final score.

What is the BetOnYourself CODE OF CONDUCT?

When playing on the BetOnYourself platform we ask you to agree to the following code of conduct:

  • Read the rules. Excuses, such as “I wasn´t aware”, will not be tolerated or taken into consideration.

  • Footage. Be sure to take pictures/screenshots of the final score in case of any violation that may occur.

  • Respect everyone. Be graceful in victory and defeat. Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, spam, and other forms of harassment or illegal behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Play fair. Don’t cheat, grief, exploit if someone is AFK, exploit bugs and glitches, or impersonate others.

  • Keep account information safe and private. Do not share your account information or the account information of others, since it will put you and/or others at risk.

  • Good luck and have fun!

If you notice players not respecting theBetOnYourself code, please reach out to us by contacting BetOnYourself support ([email protected]). We will investigate all feedback and take action if necessary, but make sure to provide sufficient evidence for any claim of a rules violation.

Is there any geogprahic constraint when playing against opponents from other parts of the world?

No! You can compete in a Challenge with players from all over the world.

It the BetOnYourself platform in any way limited by time?

No! You can play games on BetOnYourself 24/7, all year long!

Can I have more than one profile?

No! You are only allowed to compete on BetOnYourself under one account!

Is the webpage safe?

Yes - you can bet on that! BetOnYourself places the highest regard on making sure your sensitive information is protected. Our databases and servers are highly secured with robust encryption.


Ok, I get it. It's f……in' awesome! But why does it need blockchain to function?

When using Blockchain, we can ensure 100% transparency, credibility and payment of funds when a user requests it, so that we can minimize operating costs, thus enabling us and players to use the platform with lower fees.

Which blockchain is BetOnYourself utilizing?

While BetOnYourself is currently using Ethereum’s blockchain (Ropsten Test Network in ALPHA and later Main Ethereum Network), it is ultimately blockchain agnostic. This means that BetOnYourself can be used with any blockchain that supports smart contract functionality, such as Neo and Lisk.

What are the Smart Contracts for?

A smart contract, also known as a crypto contract, is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under certain conditions. In our case it receives iBET Tokens and transfers them based on the outcome of a challenge, but it also has the extra functionality of holding tokens, if there is a dispute between two players. Such functionality is also called an “escrow”, where BetOnYourself acts as an escrow between two players.

Why is BetOnYourself on Ethereum’s Ropsten test network?

BetOnYourself is currently deployed on Ropsten Test Network to enable the team to thoroughly test the technology, adjust the parameters and fix any bugs or other problems that might arise. The platform will be deployed on the Main Ethereum Network once it goes live, after the Crowdsale.


Why an ALPHA version?

ALPHA enables the team to thoroughly test the technology, adjust the parameters and fix any bugs or other problems that might arise.


No, it's not a planet. It's a bridge, that allows you to run Ethereum Apps directly in your browser without running a full Ethereum mode. It includes a secure identity vault, providing a user interface to manage your identities on different sites and sign blockchain transactions.

In short, it enables you to simply transfer tokens between a secure vault and www.betonyourself.io.

For usage instructions please go to metamask.io.

Does MetaMask work in incognito mode?

Yes! You have to manually enable it in incognito mode. Go to 'More Tools' -> 'Extensions' and check 'Allow in incognito' .

Why doesn't the ALPHA version work faster?

BetOnYourself is currently deployed on the Ropsten Test Network, and we are aware that Ropsten sometimes works VERY slowly. The problem is, we can't do anything about it! The platform will be deployed on the Main Ethereum Network once it goes live after the Crowdsale.

What are the recommended gas settings for playing Challenges in ALPHA?

It is recommended to use a 67,936 gas limit and 70 gwei for fast processing.

But what if I submitted a gas limit / gwei that is too low?

Will it ever be mined? Yes! If gwei is too low it will take a longer time to be mined. If the gas limit is too low the transaction will fail and you can try joining again with the recommended settings.

Do I need Google Chrome specifically for playing Challenges in ALPHA?

No! MetaMask can be used in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave browser. It’s all up to you.

Can I use MyEtherWallet or other ERC-20 based wallets to join the challenges?

No! MetaMask is required to play in ALPHA and without inputting its wallet address in BetOnYourself ALPHA's settings, you will not be able to participate in any of the Challenges.

Can I use a smartphone instead of a computer?

You can. But only smartphones with Android operating systems.

Does this mean that the ALPHA version of BetOnYourself can only be used on smartphones with Android operating systems?

That is right.

What should I do if I have an iPhone?

In that case you will have to get yourself an Android-supported smartphone.

Why did you choose FORTNITE and FIFA 19 for ALPHA?

Fortnite is one of the biggest battle royale titles that has gained rapid popularity among gamers, and since it is currently the most played battle royale game worldwide, it was the obvious choice.

FIFA 18 is by far the most realistic football game to date since it uses Real player motion technology in the development process. It is one of the most popular 1:1 games worldwide.

This is why we are starting our ALPHA with FORTNITE and FIFA 19. We want to give as many players as possible a chance to test our platform. But this is only the beginning.

I wanted to play a game on PC or on XBOX. Why is ALPHA only available via PS4?

The most important reason why we chose to start with games on the PS4 is to minimize any risk of cheating.

Otherwise, if we take FIFA 19 as an example, it can be seen that there is a sales ratio of 73% in favor of PlayStation, and this is the main reason this console has been chosen for the BetOnYourself MVP. At this stage, we are focusing on PlayStation only because games do not support cross-platform play.

Software Automization After the Successful Crowdsale

Automization of the betting process is our way of ushering gaming for money into the mainstream. The automization of BetOnYourself will enable a much faster and easier process of placing bets and taking part on the platform.

iBET Token

What does the iBET Token represent?

iBET Token is not a share in the company, project or any direct equity or asset participation. So, as an investor, you are not taking any profits. iBET Token acts as a voucher, and represents an advanced payment of fees for the escrow service and will be usable right after the launch of the BetOnYourself platform.

Why should I buy iBET Tokens?

iBET Token ensures players who use iBET Tokens for playing games receive a 50% discount on the commission.

iBET represents a future trading fee that is fully payable upfront and which will be collected any time you play on BetOnYourself. As an iBET owner, you have the right to have your iBET tokens withdrawn at the time of a trade, but you can also decide to sell your rights on the market as iBET will be a tradable token

What will you do with iBET Tokens that you receive from commissions?

iBET Tokens used for fees when placing bets, will be burned on the Ethereum network using a smart contract designed to destroy tokens on a regular basis for the first two years of operation. After that, we will set a new strategic plan in light of the experience that will be gained in the first two years. The new strategic plan will also be valid for two years only.

What if a client makes a bet without having any iBET Tokens?

If a client makes a bet without having any iBET Tokens, a fee will be charged in a selected currency and converted into iBET Tokens at the highest price on one of the exchanges for those to be destroyed after.

Is iBET Token an ERC20 Token?

Yes! The iBET Token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain using a smart contract defined by the ERC-20 standard.

What are the features of the iBET Token?

iBET Token will have the following functionalities:

  • 50% Discount on Service Fees

  • Referral & Community Rewards

  • Become a BetOnYourself Community Mediator

  • Voting for New Games and Bets

The BetOnYourself Crowdsale

Why are you conducting a Crowdsale for the BetOnYourself platform?

The future development of the BetOnYourself platform will be funded by selling vouchers for our future escrow service fees to the Crowdsale backers. Vouchers represent an advanced payment of fees for the escrow service and will be usable right after the launch of the BetOnYourself platform.

What are the calculations behind the price of USD 15m?

The cap is based on careful calculations of the costs of; 1) a full development of the BetOnYourself platform during the next three-year period, and 2) the running and maintenance costs of the platform in the initial period before reaching break-even, and 3) costs of marketing the platform across the gaming industry to obtain the necessary critical mass of users in due time. Even though USD 15m is a large amount of money we can assure everyone that all the money will be used for purposes relevant to the BetOnYourself platform and that the BetOnYourself team will act transparently regarding the use of the funds collected during the Crowdsale.

Why should anyone invest in the BetOnYourself Crowdsale by buying your iBET Tokens?

iBET Token ensures players who use iBET Tokens for playing games receive a 50% discount on the commission.

iBET represents a future trading fee that is fully payable upfront and which will be collected any time you play on BetOnYourself. As an iBET owner, you have a right to have iBET tokens withdrawn at the time of a trade, but you can also decide to sell your rights on the market as iBET will be a tradable token.

How many iBET Tokens are you issuing?

A total of 2 billion iBET Tokens will be issued. The 1.5 billion is a hard cap and no further iBET Tokens will be issued at any time in the future.

What will you do with any unsold Tokens?

All unsold iBET Tokens will be destroyed.

What will the iBET Token distribution look like?

The iBET distribution will be allocated as follows:

  • 75% of the iBET Tokens will be proportionally distributed among Crowdsale backers.

  • 15% will be reserved for community and user growth.

  • 7.5% will be reserved for our advisers.

  • 7.5% will rest with the company reserve found.
    If money collected during the Crowdsale runs out, the platform must not discontinue. To avoid this the company will liquidate small amounts of iBET Tokens to fund operations with 2 years vesting.

What is the price of the iBET Token going to be at the public sale?

The starting price of one iBET Token will be $0.01.

On which exhanges will iBET Token be listed on?

As an ERC-20 compliant token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, iBET will be tradeable on both centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX). The decision on which exchange the iBET initially will be listed will first be finalized and published after the end of the Crowdsale for BetOnYourself to get the best conditions for performing the listing of iBET.

We are favouring exchanges that:

  • have a good reputation

  • have a sizeable trading volume and user base

  • have a fair fee structure.

Are there any other advantages to using a crypto token on a blockchain instead of paying for a transaction with fiat? Is it possible to make faster transactions – real-time transactions? Is it possible to avoid costs and the waste of time that we know from corresponding banking today?

Yes, there are several advantages to using a token on a blockchain:

  • Because a blockchain system cannot be tampered with, the participants of the platform do not have to trust either each other or a bank or a central system operator.

  • In a blockchain-based system all transactions can be executed as real-time or close to real-time transactions.

  • There are no geographical limitations in a blockchain-based system. Participants on the BetOnYourself platform will be able to participate and make transactions regardless of their geographical location.

  • Cross-border transactions within the BetOnYourself blockchain system will not be time-consuming or costly in the way we know today’s corresponding banking is, where a bank transfer may take several days to complete and comes with high fees.

What is the procedure for participating in the Crowdsale?

To participate in the public sale of the Crowdsale you will have to register on the Crowdsale webpage before or during the Crowdsale and go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to become approved as a contributor.

After being approved as a contributor, and when the Crowdsale public sale has started, it will be possible to purchase the iBET Tokens using Ether.

You will have to select the amount you want to contribute, and the corresponding number of tokens will be locked and allocated to you.

Please note that the minimum buy will be the equivalent of 100 USD.

If you have not performed the transfer in time, then your purchase order will be cancelled and the tokens allocated will be unlocked and put back in the pile to be offered for other contributors.

The Crowdsale webpage will be launched after the pre-sale has concluded.

Are tokens distributed immediately?

Pre-sale tokens are first distributed in the period between the pre-sale being closed and the public sale being opened.

The transfer of tokens might be slightly delayed if the Ethereum blockchain experiences a high volume of transactions in the same time period.

It will be possible to check the exact status of your purchase order on the Crowdsale webpage, including whether funds have been received and tokens have been transferred yet.

Are there any ways I can buy tokens if I miss registration and KYC?

No. KYC is a pre-requisite for buying tokens in the Crowdsale. Afterwards, it will be possible to buy tokens on an exchange, and KYC might not be needed for this.

Are participants of the bounty campaign required to complete the KYC procedure??


ALPHA Reward system

Why the ALPHA Reward system?

ALPHA enables the team to thoroughly test the technology, adjust the parameters and fix any bugs or other problems that might arise. To discover as many errors as possible we need your help. With more games played, we will find more bugs and ways to improve . You will be generously rewarded in return for your help.

How does it work?

Every registered user will receive up to 10,000 demo iBET Tokens ($100). Distribution of these tokens will be made in four batches. All users registered at the time will receive 2,500 demo iBET Tokens ($25) per batch. The first batch of 2,500 demo iBET Tokens ($25) will be distributed immediately after registration. The rest of the batches for this pre-existing registered user will be distributed as follows:

  • 15.10.18 = 2,500 demo iBET Tokens ($25)

  • 15.11.18 = 2,500 demo iBET Tokens ($25)

  • 15.12.18 = 2,500 demo iBET Tokens ($25)

  • 15.01.19 = 2,500 demo iBET Tokens ($25)

The ALPHA product that will be distributing demo tokens will be limited to 1000 users.

Every registered user that participates in the ALPHA product will be automatically added to the Whitelist.

The more you play the more you get!

During this period users will also receive 50 demo iBET Tokens ($0.5) for every Challenge they participate in, regardless of the result. As we said - the more you play the more you get!

Every visit to our Meet-ups, events and presentations will be rewarded!

Visitors to Meet-ups, events and presentations will receive unique promo codes printed on business cards. Promo codes can be used at registration or via a user profile to receive an additional 2,500 demo iBET Tokens ($25). Each code can only be used once.

Your sharing and referral counts!

Each person can invite an unlimited number of users. Only 10 accepted invites count. For each accepted invite, a user receives 1,000 demo iBET Tokens ($10). The user accepting the invite receives 1,000 demo iBET Tokens ($10) as well.

Referral invites can be shared through:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email


To be eligible to exchange demo tokens for real tokens, every user, regardless of how their demo tokens were acquired, needs to participate in at least 10 Challenges before the start of the Crowdsale campaign.

To be added to our Whitelist, registered users must participate in at least 10 Challenges before the start of the Crowdsale campaign.

The valuation of the demo iBET Token is based on the Crowdsale where a real iBET Token will be valued at $0.01.

Try our Alpha to get free iBET Tokens & join the Whitelist

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