Win Big Playing FORTNITE & FIFA!

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The time to profit from your FORTNITE & FIFA 2018 skills is here! BetOnYourself is a new platform which allows FORTNITE & FIFA 2018 players from all over the world to play online against each other and bet on themselves.

BetOnYourself, because honestly, who better is there to put your money on!

What a time to be a gamer! From a leisure activity, gaming has expanded to incredible new lengths over the years. It has become something that most of us gamers have been dreaming of since our first gaming experience. It gives us the opportunity to earn money with our own gaming skills. Join our new, innovative platform BetOnYourself which allows you to bet on your own gaming skills. Only thing left for you to do is - make sure you win!

How Does BetOnYourself Work

We do not host the gaming tournaments ourselves. BetOnYourself acts as a meeting point for the players looking for an opponent and acts as a mediator to collect and pay out winnings. When both players accept the terms of the agreement, the game is played off-site. The result of the match is reported back to us and has to be verified by both players. The money is then credited to its rightful owner.  

The popularity of FORTNITE & FIFA 2018 itself provides you with the excellent opportunity to play around your everyday schedule because there is always someone online to play against. The win and loss statistics for every player are be displayed next to his username, which makes it easier for everyone to find an opponent with similar gaming skills to send him an invite. Opponents can communicate with each other through private messages before the and during the challenge.

How To Start Winning on BetOnYourself

Our user-friendly betting platform for FORTNITE & FIFA 2018 players is currently available for 1:1 games only. It acts as a facilitator of each transaction of a bet made between 2 FORTNITE or FIFA 2018 players. User registration is completed with an email account, password and PSN ID. The betting process itself is simple, easy and fast. Players can choose to take part in a match from an open challenge on the platform, open a challenge themselves or invite a player into a challenge directly. The lowest betting amount is 50 cents, without the upper limit. The amount is set solely by the players themselves. How much are you willing to bet on yourself, it is completely up to you! The rematch of the game for the same amount will be available instantly if you choose to test your gaming skills again.

We will be handling all wagered funds and will dole them out accordingly to the result of the FORTNITE or FIFA 2018 match. Every match will end with a winner. If there is no mutual entry of the result within 15 minutes, the player that recorded the result will win. The ranking system is based solely on the player's skills. It is not luck, it is a skill. Winning or losing, it is completely up to you!

The Utility iBet Token Provides a Great Discount!

We have our own iBET utility token, which is a great news for everyone either involved with cryptocurrencies or not, especially since they are giving 50% discount for every transaction paid with the iBET token! Other paying options are available as well, and every bet will be charged with 10% provision. That is unless you are using the iBET token, then it will be only 5%. If you bet 5$ on yourself to be the winner, the other player will match your bet, which makes the joint fund 10$. The match will be charged with 1$ as a joint commission for using our platform BetOnYourself, but if you pay with the iBET token, it will cost only 0.50$ between the players. 

BetOnYourself is currently focusing solely on FORTNITE & FIFA 2018 played on independent console systems (PS4), but we will be expanding to other games in the future. Do you believe you are a good FORTNITE or FIFA 2018 player? Put your money where your mouth is and except a challenge from a friend or a total stranger.

As a plus you can now finally prove to your family that your gaming skills can pay the bills!